You are not Sick you are Thirsty

When I ask my patients if they are drinking enough water- the answer from all of them is almost always yes. They say things like “I drink all day” when in reality most of us do not get enough water at all.    


The general consensus is that most healthy adults need to drink half of their weight in ounces every day or at least 64 ounces.     


Now I myself struggle BIG TIME with this!  I have to literally remind myself daily to drink which sounds so silly right?     


I was like everyone else who thought drinking coffee and beverages other than water was acceptable- what I didn’t realize is a lot of these beverages were having the exact opposite effect- instead of hydrating my body they were dehydrating my body and giving me a false sense of accomplishment in what I’ve drunk for the day.    

Chronic dehydration can have a devastating and cumulative affect on the body. I love how Dr. Tim O'Shea breaks it down in this article and usually have my own patients read it. Hydration and Dehydration this article really does a great job explaining how the body absorbs water and why it takes so long to notice a difference.

Another important point I want to mention is I think it is imperative that you pay attention to the type of water and quality of water that you are drinking. It defeats the purpose if you are hydrating your body with water full of the yuck! Most of us are drinking water that violates U.S health standards. I recommend using a water filter- I love the Berkey Water filters!

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