Leah Parker

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Meet Leah Parker


I am a wife and mama to three kiddos, well my oldest is a whole college graduate  but she will forever be my kiddo. Fun fact- I met my husband in middle school- he is pretty camera shy though so you may not see him much on here. I am also a first time dog mama to Luna.

I am very proud to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. Being a nurse is a position I feel honored to hold the title of as I feel it is sacred work.  I have often said I feel like what I do is ministry.

I decided to become a nurse when I was 18 years old. I am sad to say I do not have this beautiful story for wonderful nursing care that encouraged me to enter this field. It was actually the opposite. You see I had gone through a truly heartbreaking experience. I had found out on my 18th birthday that the daughter I was carrying would be born with a condition that was non-compatible with life. I have written about this experience in one of my books but the care I received during and after my pregnancy was traumatizing to say the least. So much that I decided to go into nursing so no other family would have to endure the treatment that I had endured. As a result of my daughter’s short but mighty life I walked along side families who were experiencing loss for many years.

Over the years since I have worked in different areas all with the goal of speaking up for the voiceless, empowering patients to be advocates in their own care. I have met so many wonderful nurse colleagues throughout my years in the profession. I am and will always be PRO-NURSE. NO other profession can reach patients like we can. I truly believe we have a gift, and hope to empower each and every nurse to use their own unique gifts to their fullest potential.

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