Hello Friend- I am so glad you are here and have found this safe space. Here I will share about all things that I love which depending on the day could include family shenanigans, my pup Luna, my love for worship music, but especially wellness and my journey to try to gracefully heal my body as naturally as possible. There have been many bumps along the way and as a result  I like to say I am ¾’s crunchy. 

So who am I-

I am a wife and mama to three kiddos, well my oldest is in college but she is still my kiddo. Fun fact- I met my husband in middle school- he is pretty camera shy though so you may not see him much on here. I am also a first time puppy mama to Luna and work in the healthcare field and am very much PRO-NURSE.

After the birth of my last child I started to notice that I was having a lot of pain. To make a long story short that pain turned out to be Rheumatoid Arthritis. My first autoimmune disorder. I delayed any treatment at that time because I was breastfeeding my youngest and that was very important to me. Instead I started to investigate diet and it’s role in autoimmune disease. That is when I learned about all the trendy words we are hearing about today like “leaky gut” and “adrenal fatigue” and how inflammatory foods like dairy, gluten and sugar played such a role in triggering autoimmune disease. 

It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with a second autoimmune disease that I started to investigate other triggers including environmental causes like toxic products in our home. Upon doing that research it felt like I opened Pandora’s box. One discovery led to another. Everything from my perfume to the soap with the blue dye  I was using for my dishes- I was finding it all contained very harmful chemicals. Also the way I made my money was very stressful and I am sure sped up the rate of which these diseases attacked my body.

It was at that point I had to make a decision. I could take that information and turn a blind eye and hope for the best or I could take action. 

I chose to take action. I fumbled along quite a bit until I found a wonderful company that I fully trust that made it simple to “ditch and switch” all those nasty chemicals out. I take it one month at a time now. 

I can’t wait to share this journey with you and share all the nuggets I have learned along the way.

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